Adopt-a-Student Program

At Chilton Area Catholic School, we do not want economic hardship to prevent parents from giving their child the quality Catholic education they desire for their child.  The CACS “Adopt-A-Student” program was created for parents who, because of lack of financial resources, do not feel they can send their child to CACS.  Adopt-A-Student provides full or partial tuition grants to families unable to pay their child’s tuition.


Adopt-A-Student is funded by “godparents.”  Godparents are people in our community who donate funds because they strongly believe in the benefits of a Catholic education.  Although the role of a godparent is so important in the life of a student at CACS, godparents are not told the names of the students they sponsor.


Applications for grants are available at the beginning of the school year.  We do, however, understand that economic hardship can happen at any time, so forms are always available throughout the school year in the case of an unexpected economic hardship.  Applications are reviewed by the principal of CACS and are kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.


Adopt a Student Form