At CACS, we recognize that each child is unique and has individual needs.  Our staff seeks to meet students’ needs through a variety of teaching techniques within our curriculum.  The curriculum includes strong emphasis on basic skills in reading, math, science, language (writing) and social studies.  While following diocesan guidelines, we provide daily religion class and spiritual growth opportunities, including Wednesdays. Our guidance and classroom atmosphere encourage our students to build self-control, problem- solving skills and to grow into caring, productive citizens.


The CACS staff uses a variety of teaching techniques to integrate learning experiences for our children. Our teaching techniques include: cooperative learning, discussion group work, research projects, guided and independent practice and tutorial reinforcement.  Materials used in each classroom consist of textbooks and manuals, science kits, flash cards, charts, maps, globes, SRA kits, Geo-Safari games and math manipulatives.  The media center furnishes materials such as videos, audiotapes, computer software, and other materials.


The school is organized into self-contained classrooms for each grade level.  Music, physical education, art, library skills, Spanish, band and computer skills take place in separate classroom facilities.


Our students will learn about the sacraments, Mary and the rosary, the saints and liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time.  They will learn their formal prayers and experience traditional prayer services like May Crowning, Stations of the Cross, Penance services and Advent and Lent practices.  The Good Shepherd Parish religious and lay staff visit often to provide important interaction with our students.


Chilton Area Catholic School uses the curriculum guidelines of the Green Bay Diocese, which incorporates the guidelines of the Wisconsin State Educational Standards.  Our curriculum development includes:


  • identification of educational goals and objectives
  • selection and organization of content
  • learning activities or strategies
  • teaching techniques/methods
  • evaluation of student outcomes
  • effectiveness of the design process

In addition to our curriculum, CACS students have the opportunity to participate in the following:


Mass Participation  Students volunteer to do special ministries during our school liturgies.  Students in kindergarten through grade 2 bring up the gifts and in grades 1 and 2 they start reading the intercessory prayers.  Grades 3 through 8 will bring up the gifts, do announcing, read the intercessory prayers, do the reading for the day and share communion meditation.  This provides our students with valuable public speaking experiences at early ages.


Mass Servers  Starting in fourth grade, students are trained and start serving mass at school liturgies.


Glory Choir  Started by Mrs. Terry Weber in 2002, the Glory Choir sings both for children’s liturgies, special school events and for weekend masses.  The choir is open to students grades 4 through 8.


Student Services Our guidance, counseling and special education programs provide: a weekly curriculum of guidance for all grade levels; counseling of our students with special socio-emotional needs; and assurance that our students with special education needs get the professional testing and counseling to help ensure their educational progress.


Tutoring  Students who need special help may receive tutoring from volunteer tutors.  This can be in the form of reinforcement or enrichment.  The tutoring program is coordinated through our Student Services Office.


Peer Helpers/Peer Mediators Program  Students in grades 4 through 8 are trained on how to help others solve problems that may occur socially.  Peer mediators share their problem-solving skills with students who have disagreements or who have troubles while playing during recess.


Spanish  Beginning in kindergarten, our students are taught the Spanish language and learn about Mexican heritage and holidays.


Computers  Beginning in kindergarten, students are taught the fundamentals of computers.  As they grow, students are taught advanced computer techniques, including how to use various types of software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and students are given the opportunity to have supervised internet access.


Band  Students in grades 4 through 8 may participate in the band program.  Students learn the fundamentals of their instruments and participate in various concerts and performances throughout the year.


Student Council  Students in grades 3 through 8 participate in the CACS Student Council as officers and class representatives.  Activities include preparing for the Veteran’s Day Program, acting as special representatives during school events and programs and flag raising duties.  The student council also helps run community outreach and fundraising programs.


Forensics CACS sponsors a forensics team made up of fifth – eighth grade students who participate in meets with area schools.


Reading Clubs & Enrichment  We have a variety of reading clubs at CACS, including Pennelopy’s Reading Program, Fang’s Reading Club and Accelerated Reading Program.  The aim of these programs is to encourage a love for reading that will enrich our students and help them to develop strong reading skills.


We work continuously to improve our curriculum.  We study standardized tests taken by the students to help us determine whether our curriculum is meeting our students’ needs.  CACS replaces texts and education materials a minimum of every 10 years.  We continue to strive for change and growth in our programs and monitor the results to provide a guide for future curriculum development.