Scrip is a great way to help CACS. Scrip works like gift certificates. The school sells the scrip, and in turn makes a percentage off the sale. The purchaser uses the scrip to buy items from the participating retailer.  The purchaser will also receive 50% of the profit earned from their Scrip purchases towards your child(rends) tuition.  Scrip can be purchased directly from CACS or at local banks. Contact the school for a scrip order form or download a form by clicking here:  SCRIP ORDER FORM.

In addition, the Great Lake Scrip Center has a list of many other stores that use scrip. CACS can order Scrip from those retailers at any time (the school typically does not have all these on hand). Thus, if someone knows they are going to a Panera’s Bread, for example, they can let contact the school and it could be ordered. It’s a great way to go gift shopping!  Great Lakes Scrip List



It’s a breeze to shop with ScripNow®! When you order ScripNow eCards on and pay with PrestoPay™, they’re delivered right to your ShopWithScrip® account in minutes. You can use eCards to shop online, or print them out and bring them to the store. Earn rebates on all your last minute shopping!


ScripNow is easy to order, too! Click below (or cut and paste into your address bar) to watch a demo and see how easy and fast it is to get started with ScripNow. 


For more information on scrip, please e-mail the scrip team at or call the school and leave a message at 849-4141 x 118.