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Why Choose CACS?

With the various educational options that are available to parents, you may ask yourself “why should I send my child to CACS?” Here are some of the reasons CACS parents site on why they chose CACS for their children.

Here is what parents are saying about CACS:

  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Christian Environment
  • “My children are excelling in academics and knowledge of our religion.”
  • “They are able to have more one-on-one with the teachers.”
  • “They are learning to be kind to themselves and others.”
  • “CACS is an amazing school.”
  • “I feel part of one big family.”
  • “At CACS not only are they challenged to do their best academically, they are encouraged in all that they do, to walk in the steps of Jesus.”
  • “When our sons arrive at school they are arriving at their second home, a place where they not only receive a superior education but are also somewhere where they are loved and cared for.”
  • “The teachers are completely dedicated.  They are loving as parents, caring as a friend, and are very approachable, they are such important pillars of support.”
  • “I felt very welcomed.”

 Here is what CACS Students have said about CACS:

  • “I love this school because it has Phonics, Art, Music, Computers, Spanish, Gym, Guidance, and awesome teachers.”
  • “There are many good friends.”
  • “We have a nice principal.”
  • “We have a good playground.”
  • “I love our school because it helps me read a lot better.  It helps me be kind and gentle.  It helps me learn better.  It helps me follow directions, and not to fight with others.”
  • “We learn about Jesus.”
  • “We have good hot lunches.”
  • “We have the best Principal.  We have the greatest Janitor.  We have a great Student Council.”
  • “I love CACS because everyone is nice and cares about other people.”
  • “When someone sins, others forgive them.”

Testimonial Form – Please fill out and return to the school office if you are a current or past school parent.